In just a few days a large contingent of Mairangi Bay Blowfish will take part in the World Masters Games, which is the world’s largest multi-sport event. Held every four years, it is the pinnacle sporting event for masters competitors worldwide.

Whilst most Mairangi Bay athletes hung up the speedos soon after Nationals, a committed crew has been soldiering on. If you have some free time this coming weekend then head down to Takapuna to check out the action.

Click here for the schedule of events and here for further information.

Below is the full list of MBSLSC athletes competing:

Bruce Hamilton
Timothy Cameron
Terrence Burbidge
Matthew Kirke
Wayne Simeon
Danelle Snowden
Adam Jackson
Leigh Anne Storey
Peter Storey
Sarah Mortimer
Ross Fearon
John Porter
Ian Kennedy
Victoria Clark
Richard Beamish
Teresa Burns
Caroline Collard
Sally Rowe
Brian Kummer
Dean Powell
Matthieu Souprayen
Mark Wallendorf
Jan Battaerd
Dave Josephson
Sean Tagg
Blair Moore
Scott Gibson
Scott Eagle
Mark Gribble
Sally Ayson
Fiona Trevelyan
Julia Renolds-Smith
Tracey Molloy
Warwick Donnelly
Chantelle Godfrey