Training and Courses

Mairangi Bay Surf Lifesaving Club offers our members many development pathways and opportunities to upskill.


Surf Lifeguard Award:

To be a qualified surf lifeguard, you need to be 14 years or older and pass your surf lifeguard award exam, which includes:

  • 400m pool swim in under 9 minutes
  • run/swim/run in the surf
  • resuscitation test
  • rescue test
  • theory questions
  • practical surf knowledge test

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 Lifeguard skill development:

Becoming a lifeguard is just the first step on the lifeguard pathway. There are many different options for you to upskill and work your way to becoming a senior or advanced lifeguard. There is also the option of becoming a professional lifeguard which can be a great summer job especially for high school and university students. Check out the course outlines below for more information.

Radio Operators

The Marine VHF Radio Operators Certificate is designed to give Surf Lifeguards the knowledge and skill needed to be able to use a VHF radio while on patrol including emergency situations.

IRB Crew persons Module

The first step along the IRB development pathway. Involves general IRB components such as patient rescues and IRB care.

IRB Driver Award

For those who want to drive IRB’s. The qualification has a number of theoretical and practical components such driving in the surf, solo driving and maritime regulations to prepare Surf Lifeguards for IRB use.

Patrol Captains Course

A course that provides skills and knowledge that is required to be a Patrol Captain.

National Lifeguard School / Advanced Lifeguard Award

A course that combines dynamic theory sessions with a number of intensive practical and scenario based activities extending participants both physically and mentally. If this course is successfully completed the Advanced Lifeguard Award is given which is the highest qualification a Lifeguard can get.

Instructors Award – Surf Lifeguard

A course for people who want to teach new lifeguards. Learn how to plan lessons and teach effectively.

Instructors Award – IRB

A course for people who want to teach IRB crew persons and drivers. Learn how to teach the practical and theoretical components to IRB operation.

Examiners Award – Surf Lifeguard

A course for Instructors who want to further their qualifications to be able to run and examine the Surf Lifeguard Awards.

Examiners Award – IRB

A course for Instructors who want to further their qualifications to be able to run and examine the
IRB Driver candidates.

First Aid Level 1

An introductory first aid course covering basic first aid, CPR, oxygen and an introduction to defibrillation.

First Aid Level 2

Building on Level 1 including common medical conditions, defibrillation and introduction to spinal injuries and patient transport.

First Aid Level 3

This 3 day course refines all of the skills already learnt in the previous levels plus extends the lifeguard in their knowledge of drowning physiology, and assessment of non-fatal drowning, scene management, advanced monitoring (Pulse oximetry, blood glucose, and chest auscultation) and triage.

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