SundaY Club Day

A typical Sunday morning at Junior Surf

Sunday at Mairangi Bay starts by signing in with your age group managers at the time specified in the table below. The children then participate in a variety of activities, depending on age groups and abilities, which include:

  • Theoretical surf safety and beach knowledge as specified by SLSNZ
  • Beach Sprints and Relays
  • Beach flags
  • Swimming and wading
  • Bodyboard and board paddling
  • Team games

The emphasis for the Sunday sessions is for the children to have FUN, while gaining confidence in and around the water. In addition they learn valuable skills that lead on to them becoming fully qualified patrolling lifeguards. The program relies on parents helping to coach and supervise on the beach and we expect one parent to stay for the entire session. 

At the end of the session, if a child wishes to return to the water they must be supervised by a parent.
Please note an alternative program will be run in poor weather or in extreme cases, the session will be cancelled.

If you haven’t applied for your SLSNZ number as of yet, please click here in order to apply.

MBSLSC JuniorsSunday ProgrammeFirst Club Day Sunday 21 November 2021

PLEASE click on the Group Name to see relevant information regarding the age and start and finish times.
Please note times for various age groups have been updated on 26 January 2022 to accommodate the 25 pax group size. 

 As at Sept 2021Sign inStartFinish
Tadpoles5 year olds8:15am8:30am9:00am
Tadpoles6 year olds9:15am9:30am10:00am
A Group7 year olds10:15am10:30am11:15am
A Group8 year olds11:30am11:45am12:20pm
A Group9 year olds12:30pm12:45pm1:20pm
B Group10 year olds1:30pm1:45pm2:20pm
B Group11 year olds2:30pm2:45pm3:20pm
C Group12 year olds3:30pm3:45pm4:20pm
Rookies13 year olds9:00am 9:15am10:15am

To ensure we meet the needs of all the athletes, and co-ordinate sign in/sign out and water safety we need more helpers. At registration please indicate if you are available to assist with coaching, water safety, or as a co-ordinator for any of the sessions.