Rookie Lifeguard Programme

The Rookie Lifeguard Programme has been designed to help Junior Surf members aged 13 prepare to be a Surf Lifeguard. The program aims to promote “practical lifeguarding” to the younger members and develop strong ties between senior and junior members as a result of involvement. Through active mentoring Rookies will be exposed to beach management and patrolling where important lifeguarding skills are introduced.

To graduate from the Rookie Surf Lifeguard Programme all participants are required to undertake a variety of components. The program will take approximately 25 hours to complete during the season with most components running concurrent with existing club activities. To be awarded the Rookie Surf Lifeguard Certificate participants must: 

  • Participate in four patrols (no less than 12 hours in total); and 
  • Complete all Rookie Surf Lifeguard Log Book Modules.

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