Lifeguarding is the core role at Mairangi Bay Surf Lifesaving Club. Patrolling Mairangi Bay and other North Shore beaches, our lifeguards ensure the safety of the beach going public on weekends from Labour Weekend to Easter. Lifeguards are also on duty during the week over the Christmas and New Year period.

Become a Surf Lifeguard!

If you’re interested in serving your community in a fun, challenging and rewarding environment, then becoming a Surf Lifeguard is a great option. Please join our Surf Lifeguard Award Course Facebook Group, and complete this form to register your interest in becoming a lifeguard, so you can be kept informed of upcoming courses. 

To be a qualified lifeguard, you need to be 14 years or older and pass your surf lifeguard award exam, which includes:

  • 400m pool swim in under 9 minutes
  • run/swim/run in the surf
  • resuscitation test
  • rescue test
  • theory questions
  • practical surf knowledge test

Each season active Surf Lifeguards must perform a refresher test. This includes a swim, resuscitation test and first aid questions.

Interested in becoming a Surf Lifeguard?

Once qualified and a member of Mairangi Bay Surf Lifesaving Club you are entitled to use the Club’s facilities and appropriate equipment. MBSLSC will also provide you the opportunity to increase your skills and knowledge through a range of awards, training and courses. As a Surf Lifeguard you will be able to compete in Surf Sports events and enjoy MBSLSC’s Surf Sports training program.