Junior Surf

What is Junior Surf?
Junior Surf is a program for children aged 5-13 designed to develop tomorrow’s lifeguards. In a fun and safe environment the ‘Nippers’ learn essential water safety skills, rescue techniques and basic first aid together with the importance of leadership and teamwork.

Junior Surf at MBSLSC…
Mairangi Bay SLSC has one of the largest Junior Surf programs in New Zealand with a roll of over 600. At Mairangi Bay SLSC, Junior Surf is held on Sunday mornings over most of summer between 9am and 12pm. Our Programme starts the weekend after Labour weekend and concludes the weekend before Easter. There is a two week break over the Christmas period and there is no obligation to attend every weekend, however the more you attend the more beneficial for the children involved. During the season there are various competitions that the children aged 9 and up are encouraged to attend and at the end of the season there is a Club Championships for all Junior Surf members. 

Junior Surf Handbook:
This handbook contains most of the information you will need as Junior Surf member. It provides a great overview of the Junior Surf Programme and everything you need to know to get the most out of your time as a club member.
<<Click here to view and download the document>>


What about parents?
All Mairangi Bay SLSC Junior Surf members are required to have a parent join the Club for communication and safety purposes. Parents are requested to encourage their children and to accompany them on the beach. Parents are also encouraged to get involved in coaching and/or administration of the Junior Surf program. Our club is built on families and this is where it all starts.  

Become a Surf Lifeguard!

If you’re interested in serving your community in a fun, challenging and rewarding environment, then becoming a Surf Lifeguard is a great option. Please join our Surf Lifeguard Award Course Facebook Group, and complete this form to register your interest in becoming a lifeguard, so you can be kept informed of upcoming courses.

To be a qualified lifeguard, you need to be 14 years or older and pass your surf lifeguard award exam, which includes:

  • 400m pool swim in under 9 minutes
  • run/swim/run in the surf
  • resuscitation test
  • rescue test
  • theory questions
  • practical surf knowledge test

Each season active Surf Lifeguards must perform a refresher test. This includes a swim, resuscitation test and first aid questions.